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Inspections Offered

Archer Inspections offers a wide variety of inspections to meet your needs.

Buyer’s Inspection - The most common inspection we perform. These are usually performed once a purchase price has been negotiated and a contract is in place. We recommend getting the inspection as soon as possible. Some contracts have an option period of 3-10 days. Should deficiencies be found that would prevent pursuit of the purchase, it allows the buyer to keep looking and the seller to put the house back on the market with minimal loss of time.

Seller’s Inspection - These are performed prior to listing the property. Not only does this make you aware of issues you may not have known about, it allows you time to correct problems prior to placing your home on the market. The greatest advantage a seller can have is the full disclosure on the condition of their property prior to listing. Having an inspection before listing your home can help avoid surprises and unexpected repairs that can affect selling price. You may find your home shows better, sells faster and increases your sales price. As if that wasn’t enough, iy allows you to market the home as move-in ready- always a bonus!

New Construction and Phase Inspections - A new home is critically important to have inspected. The detailed inspection we provide will point out the items that can be frequently overlooked by the basic code compliance checks. We can provide an inspection prior to moving in or periodic inspections while your home is being constructed to insure it’s being done right. Problems can easily be concealed once the drywall goes up.

Warranty Inspection - Most builders provide a 1 year warranty with the purchase of a new home. Having an inspection before your warranty expires can save you thousands. Most homeowners do not expect problems during the first year but issues can go undetected for a while, usually long after the warranty period has expired. An inspection can save unexpected repair costs after the warranty period ends by identifying them early, allowing the homeowner to take advantage of warranty coverage. The repairs are remedied at the builder’s expense, not yours.

Pools and Spas - Owning a swimming pool and/or spa is great, but repairing them, not so much. Our comprehensive pool and spa inspection insures both are in good condition and that the equipment is operating as it should. A Pool and Spa Inspection will provide a detailed report on the condition of your pool and/or spa according to the Texas Standards of Practice.

Investor Inspections - Considering an investment property? We can provide a complete inspection to avoid potential problems.

Multi-Family Dwellings - Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads- Call for Pricing.

Drain Scope - This involves using a waterproof camera which allows for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are underground and under the home’s foundation. This inspection will identify problems such as root intrusion and pipes that are misaligned, broken or corroded. All of which can be costly repairs.

Mold Inspection - We provide a mold assessment which consists of a visual inspection and the taking of samples for testing by a third party, state-licensed laboratory. If a mold hazard is determined to be present, we will prepare a protocol to be completed by a mold remediation service. Consumer protection laws prevent identification and remediation being performed by the same company. After the protocol has been performed, we will then conduct another inspection to confirm the problem has been resolved properly.

Foundation Evaluation - We can perform a foundation evaluation using a ZIP level which is an altimeter capable of detecting variances in the foundation the thickness of a business card. Numerous readings are taken throughout the structure and plotted to determine the levelness and detect movement beyond normal variances. This goes and above and beyond the visual inspection performed by most home inspectors and the same process used by foundation repair companies. It may be that a structural engineer is recommended based on our findings.

Septic and Private Well Inspections - A septic inspection involves determining the type of tank- steel, concrete or fiberglass, the condition and safety of the access covers, waste levels and identifying risks with the tank’s location, recent work which may need to be investigated and evidence of backup. Private wells are inspected to ensure the well is properly located, in good working order and the quality of the water produced meets health standards. This includes a flow test, pump motor performance testing and a lab test to determine general water quality and safety.

WDI - A Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDI) is generated during a home inspection while looking for wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. WDI Reports are written reports, performed by certified inspectors and are required in some states and by some lenders when buying a home.

Archer Inspections may use a third party provider for some services